Tracking your advertising links is a must!

Tracking your advertising links is a must, if you’re ever going to know what’s working and what’s not.

Traffic exchange advertising can be one of the most effective forms of online advertising and has been for over a decade. However, hundreds of new members every month simply ‘give up’ because they are not seeing the results they expect…

Why is that?

Simple, they are not using the proper tools to maximize their effectiveness in the exchanges.

I wanted to introduce you to , a brand new service from traffic exchange experts Tim Linden and Jon Olson. These two
guys have been using the exchanges for years and have put together a ‘must have’ suite of tools, designed to give you the best results for your traffic exchange advertising.

What’s the best part about this service?

Well for me, it has been how simple and easy it is to implement. I’m just like you;  I hate complicated tools and complicated ‘systems’. I want to set it up, and forget it and does the trick.

This has been designed with the user in mind from three guys who still sit in front of their computer for hours a day and surf the traffic exchanges.

Cool concept huh?

Traffic exchange tools, designed by traffic exchange users!

Be sure to check it out, I know you are going to be blown away once you see the features of it.



By the way, has got one of the most value packed upgrade offers I have ever seen. Best of all, if you upgrade you get access to the
revolutionary ‘branding tracker’, yup, these guys have found a way to track how well your brand is being seen and acted on…Cool huh?


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