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Dave Cottrell is the owner & CEO of & He has recently finished a short term contract as the affiliate manager for, an Internet success story created by visionary Canadian, Bogdan Fiedur in 1998. Dave was tasked with auditing the entire site, taking feedback from members and affiliates, creating mockups of future webpages, rewriting training material and providing a full report with recommendations to the owner. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to seeing the results as Bogdan and his team of programmers go to work. Dave Cottrell lives in Gibsons, BC. He is married with four adult children & five grandchildren. He is an outdoorsman and has a passion for photography, especially in the outdoors. His greatest priority is being the pastor of Sunshine Community Baptist Church, a small, Independent Baptist church started about fifteen years ago. Being involved in online marketing has helped him to do this. Dave & his wife, married in 1978, were introduced to their first experience in network marketing shortly after they were married. He was the one in the group who was very quickly recruited to present the business plan. Many things have changed since 1978. New rules to protect those who get caught up in illegal pyramid & pump-and-dump schemes were legislated, & regulations were tightened up. However, a quantum leap in communication, via the Internet, has been the biggest change. Social media is THE communication platform of the 21st century. Dave was strongly influenced to get involved in social media by Adlandpro

Celifonia SMS Marketing Software

Celifonia SMS Marketing Software – Web Review

Celifonia SMS marketing software is described as “simple and powerful SMS marketing enterprise software and tools to engage existing clients, quadruple your leads and increase conversion rates with unspeakable power.”

Celifonia SMS Marketing Software That’s a pretty bold purpose statement, but the reality is, it is well-founded. Modern mobile marketing using the power of SMS offers possibilities that online marketers just a few years ago Continue reading Celifonia SMS Marketing Software

Goodwind CM-2-2 Review

Goodwind CM-2-2 Skin Rejuvenation System – Review

The Goodwind CM-2-2 from La Goodwind is a home use health and beauty product designed to rejuvenate wrinkled skin and repair skin that has been damaged by acne. This attractive and ergonomically designed instrument uses the science of ultrasonic vibration and SPA quality LED light therapy to promote healthy skin.

Continue reading Goodwind CM-2-2 Review

Crisis Prevention & Intervention

Crisis Prevention & Intervention: In Healthcare – A Review

Crisis Prevention & Intervention: In Healthcare is written by the

English: VGZ Healthcare, Tilburg Nederlands: V...

American Crisis Prevention and Management Association (ACPMA). Its stated purpose is to make sure that certain critical strategies are introduced as early as possible in situations for early detection and Continue reading Crisis Prevention & Intervention