Phony Review Sites

Phony Review Sites – Don’t get burned or scammed by them!

Phony review sites hurt a lot of people. If the headline got your attention, let us know in the comments!  Perhaps you’ve had an unfortunate experience with one of these sites, yourself.  Let us know and help us all.

The problem with phony – aka fake –  review sites is twofold.

First, they directly harm legitimate businesses.

Secondly, they leave people wondering who they can trust.

Let’s take a look at how phony review sites work, as opposed to sites that legitimately rate and rank the trustworthiness of online businesses.

What I refer to as “phony review sites” are sites that let anyone offer a review without any checks and balances. They may have been created with a desire to help consumers and legitimate businesses, but without checks and balances in place, including monitoring and a dedicated support system, they will rapidly descend to the level of a place where people with an ax to grind destroy good people and businesses.  They become little more than “sleight of hand,” a trick used, often maliciously, to skew the real value of a website or business. Continue reading

When the Big Guys Cry Foul

When the big guys cry foul over something you’re doing or selling, you and I, the little guy, don’t stand a chance.  Have you had this experience?  (Tell us about it in the comment section!)

I found this out several times during my years of selling on eBay.

Overall, selling on eBay was a pretty good experience, although I don’t do much of it any more. Their support staff was pretty good to me. They always went as far as they sometimes dared to help me.

The satellite office campus of eBay in the Nor...

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Amazon wasn’t nearly as helpful. Their service was so bad that I stopped selling on that platform. It wasn’t that their staff wasn’t nice. They were very nice, including the ones in China where their software error routed me for months, as they tried their best to understand and be understood. (They understand English much better than I understand Chinese, but that’s not saying much…)

What I found as a seller is that, first of all, it’s really difficult to sell anything if you’re not using a big platform with lots of traffic. Secondly, even the largest platforms like eBay cower before the really big multinationals (like the guys who sell the really, really popular and expensive smartphone).
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Autoresponders Automate Advertising

Autoresponders Automate Advertising. Okay… but what are they and how do I use them?

Autoresponders automate advertising.  Were you aware of that?  That is a fact that could make a huge difference to your online business, while freeing up a lot of time you may have been spending doing what they do.

What is an autoresponder?  The simple definition is:  An autoresponder is a tool that automatically sends out email messages according to the parameters programmed into it.

The Author

If that sounds a little technical, fear not. Unless you’re a die-hard techie with lots of time, you’ll use an autoresponder system that’s already set up. The simplest one you’ll ever use is the one that comes with your email program. While you can use it to send ads to everyone who emails you (which is a terrible idea), it would normally be used to acknowledge receipt of a message when you’re not there to read or answer it (commonly called a Vacation Response). You simply type in the message you want to be sent out, save it, and you’re done. Once you turn it on, it sends out your message to anyone who sends an email to you at that address. Continue reading

4 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked

4 Common Capitalism Myths Debunked

by James Davenport

One of the most disappointing things I face as a college professor is the lack of understanding most students have regarding capitalism. The simple fact is, despite its importance to our daily lives, relatively few people have a strong grasp of what causes economic growth and why markets are so central to continuously rising standards of living.

In my teaching, I have encountered several myths or misperceptions about capitalism from students as well as individuals outside the classroom. Dispelling these myths has become a focus of much of my teaching.

Myth #1: Capitalism Was “Created” Continue reading

Customer Support

Customer Support – yes, you CAN get help!

Customer support can be pretty maddening when you need help, especially if you have a “situation” going.  Has this ever happened to you?

Here’s my experience. This is actually very typical when dealing with customer support with many companies.  

Today… I finally got a Customer Support Manager. Have you ever had a tough time trying to get help from Customer Support?  Yep.  From many companies, you’ve probably noticed it can be a bit frustrating.  Or maybe a lot frustrating.  Are you feeling it?

Be patient! Here’s exactly how it works. I can tell you this from many years of experience dealing with customer support for MY customers. Plus, I’ve also been seated in the Customer Support chair. I understand what they go through, too.  Have you worked in Customer Support?  It can be pretty thankless!

Customer Support is a crazy busy job. I Continue reading

Blogging for Profit

Blogging for profit – is it possible?

Blogging for profit is something many people are curious about.  In fact, so many people ask about making money blogging, that it became apparent that an article dedicated to the subject would be quite valuable.  Blogging for profit doesn’t have to be all about business;  in fact, adding a little joy and humour (Canadian for ‘humor’) can make it all the more successful.
The first question to be answered is how blogging for profit is even possible to start with.     

  1. Where does the money come from?
  2. What do I sell?
  3. Do I need to sell anything?
  4. Would someone pay to read my blog?

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Ask for the referral

Ask for the referral when you make the sale!

Ask for the referral every time you make a sale.  There is no better way to find your next client.  Referrals are what salesmen call “hot prospects.”  That’s because, unlike so-called “cold calling,” you have an “in” with a referral.  It’s almost like being introduced at a meeting or party…

Build lifetime customer value. Ask for the referral

Let’s face it.  No matter what anybody tells you, selling can easily be hard work, whether you’re doing affiliate marketing on the internet, or network marketing, or selling woven cedar baskets by the side of the road.

You need to get your product or service in front of people who are looking for your product or service or who you can convince they need your product or service and are willing to pay money to get it. Continue reading

Tackling the Trash

Tackling the Trash – getting rid of things that clutter up life and slow you down

Tackling the trash is the kind of chore you don’t enjoy, but the consequence of not doing it is hard to forget!  If you have a business, whether online or off, the time is going to come when you have to deal with the trash.   tackling the trash

In business, trash can be defined as anything that appears on or near or attached to your premises and/or business that is not valuable for the company purpose, which boils down to its ability to earn income. Continue reading

Ad Network Schemes

Ad Network Schemes – why Ad Networks don’t work

Ad network schemes are everywhere. While not necessarily illegal, how ethical are they? When something is advertised as being extremely cost-effective and effective as an advertising tool, should it not deliver?

What is an ad network? Simply put, it is a system, designed in much the same format as a network marketing program or worse, a pyramid scheme or ponzi. They are sketchy in their legality, sneaking under the radar mainly because they aren’t directly charging or promising money.Ad Network Scams pyramid scheme

The similarities are very strong in every other way. They promise that if you join their HUGE network, you will be able to advertise your wares, service or business opportunity to thousands upon thousands of people. Continue reading

Non-converting Traffic

Non-converting Traffic – like deer tracks to the hunter

by Dave Cottrell

Non-converting traffic is about as valuable as deer tracks are to a hungry hunter.

A hunter friend of mine once made the following observation:

non-converting traffic tastes like dirt

Deer tracks aren’t very filling and they taste like dirt.”

His point was that when you’re out hunting for deer, simply finding lots of tracks is no good. Unless you find a deer standing in them, you’re going to go home empty handed.

Visits to your ad or website (hits) on the internet is just like those deer tracks. Unless someone actually BUYS something from you, all those hits mean very little.

For example, I can literally show you how to get thousands and thousands of hits to your website, without you doing anything, real hits defined as when your website opens in a computer browser somewhere in the world, but without a single sale or even a click on one of your ads!

Don’t be fooled by those who try to sell you “Amazing NEW software” that will generate thousands and thousands of hits. Don’t get conned into spending big bucks on hits. These people are simply selling tracks that aren’t very filling and taste like dirt.

Every good hunter knows that what you need to do when you go out is not to spend all your time looking for tracks, but to spend your time looking for the creature MAKING the tracks!

That means you have to anticipate where it will be and be there to intercept it. You have to understand how it thinks, what it likes, what it needs, where it eats, where it sleeps, where it drinks, and be able to be there waiting for it.

Similarly, you need to know your target market when you are advertising, and you need to be there where your buyers are. You need real eyes on you ads looking for your product or service, or you will be doing little more than chasing tracks.

Remember, they aren’t very filling and they taste like dirt. What part of your “hunting” are you going to change, today?