Elderberry Jelly

September 9, 2014
elderberry jelly cooling
Serves 4 - 5 1 Cup Jars
2 Large Stainless Steel Pots
(Optional) jelly thermometer
Jelly bag and hanger
5 - 1 cup jars and lids
Large glass measuring cup

Elderberry Jelly,  a taste beyond compare

by Dave Cottrell

Elderberry jelly is a wonderful treat, and it’s not a hard to make as some think.  It is also very good for you!  It’s easy to make delicious elderberry jam if you remember these few things.

One thing that must be realized about elderberries is that their sugar content can vary greatly from season to season.  For example, this year we had an unusually sunny and hot summer, for the coast, and the sugar level is much higher than usual.


Because of that, the jelly I made with them is, while still having reasonable clarity, very thick.  You can scoop a full spoon full out of the jar and hold it upside down indefinitely. (more…)