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Baked Tabasco Chops

July 28, 2017
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Baked Tabasco Chops – Pork Chops to Make you Drool!

Baked tabasco chops are super easy, yet incredibly delicious and a real crowd pleaser.  Cooked with a layer of flavorful spices and cracker crumbs, they will make your mouth water.

These baked tabasco chops are a bit spicy, but incredibly moist and delicious.  They retain all the fat, which is why they are so wonderfully moist.  If you are on a low fat diet, these are a no-no, but for a tasty treat that will please both the palate and the brain (brains need fat!), these are quite wonderful, as well as wonderfully simple.

For a leaner alternative, the fat can be trimmed and the chops drenched with olive oil.  Meat from wild game, such as deer, is also much leaner.  Just remember, they need a little fat or oil to produce the wonderful, savory and  crunchy layer on top.

For a truly decadent alternative, fry up some bacon until it is limp but not crisp.  Drain slightly, wrap it around the chops, pin with toothpicks, then add the spices and crumbs.  Yum!

Peel Eggs Easily

September 5, 2014
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Peel Eggs Easily – yes, you can!

by Dave Cottrell

Peel eggs easily, without all the picky fuss that so often accompanies the task.  If you’re like I was, every time you want to do hard boiled eggs for peeling, it’s like rolling the dice.

You’re never sure if you will be able to peel eggs easily, let alone if they are even really hard boiled!

Here are some pointers for making sure you can peel eggs easily, rather than fighting them and ending up with half your egg on the shell, or even  worse, a soft boiled egg.   (more…)