How to Make Traffic Exchanges Work For You

How to Make the Traffic Exchanges Work for You

by Dave Cottrell

As a long term traffic exchange user and now an owner as well, I get asked the question, “How do I succeed with traffic exchanges, and do they even work?” The short answer is, yes, they do work. However, it isn’t quite as simple as joining a traffic exchange and clicking or browsing for credits. All you will get when you surf any kind of click exchange is visitors who are doing exactly the same thing as you: surfing for credits in the vain hope that someone will visit their site and make a purchase.

The kind of traffic you really want is the kind that is specifically looking for what you have to offer on your site. The best way to get this kind of traffic is through the search engines. However, simply posting your link to the search engines will get you listed on page 1,768,453 or lower, if, in fact, you get listed at all.

The very first step in getting traffic exchanges to work for you is to get your own domain name and hosting. This has become very inexpensive today, leaving no reason at all for most people who are serious about doing business online to take this step. If you can’t afford to do it, you really can’t afford to be in business online, as this is the cheapest thing you can do in business. (Note that if you have a free, replicated site, you are not really in business; you are just cheap advertising for the parent company, raising their ratings in the search engines!)

Next, create a website for your new domain. This will be your storefront for your business. It needs to be clean, speak directly to your visitors about what it will do for them, and be very simple to get from the opening statements to your sales page. (Visit for hints on what makes a website work.)

Do not make the mistake of taking your nice new site and beginning to advertise it on the traffic exchanges. Instead, add your URL to your signature file in your email program, on communities forums like Adlandpro, on blogs and on bulletin boards.

The more you post on forums or blog or send email to your friends, the more often your URL will be advertised, beginning to raise your profile. The search engines will, in most cases, catch this fact without you even posting your URL to the search engines! (do a Google search for Dave Cottrell, and you will find me listed near the top – I have never posted my name to the engines, but they found me, due, as you will see, almost 100% to my posts on community forums [also note their are more than one of us – can you guess which one is me? LOL!]).

Now, let’s get back to traffic exchanges. To succeed with traffic exchanges, you need a tremendous amount of traffic. You simply can’t get the amount you need by sitting in front of your computer clicking all day, nor can you get it by running autosurfs 24/7.

Think about the number one thing that other people using traffic exchanges want. That’s right! They want traffic and they want lots of it. Most people, no matter how you try to help them, will simply join one program after another and surf, surf, surf, never really getting anywhere.

You, on the other hand, as a serious entrepeneur, can take advantage of all that by giving people what they want. Start out by joining Traffic Hoopla and TEBrowser.

These two organizations are a key starting point for maximizing your traffic flow in the minimum amount of time, in highly organized and easily followed system. Be sure to follow instructions, and join all the traffic exchanges listed in each site. Once again, do not start advertising your own domain on these traffic exchanges. Advertise Traffic Hoopla and TEBrowser on all the exchanges, and build your downlines in these organizations.

People who use traffic exchanges want traffic, and with these two systems, you have the power to give them what they want. Believe me when I say, I get TONS of signups for traffic exchanges and other advertising venues using traffic exchanges!

Continue to advertise your own domain in your signature files as you send email and post interesting information about whatever interests you on forums, community bulletin boards and blogs around the internet.

This next step is VERY important. Download the Firefox browser. Firefox is free, a great open source program, and allows you to open multiple tabs with one click. I will explain why this is important in a minute.

Next, open your Favorites folder (at the top of your browser window) and go to “Organize Favorites.”  Create a new file with a title such as “Traffic.” Click on your new folder and create several new subfolders with title such as Surf1, Surf2, Surf3, etc, and organize all your manual traffic exchange links into these folders, with no more than 15 or 20 in each one.

Once you are organized, open your Firefox browser, go to your Favorites folder, go to one of the subfolders you just created, and chose Open All in Tabs. This will open every site in the subfolder (which is why you want no more than 15 or 20 in each folder.)

Now you can sign in to each one and begin surfing. Firefox gives you the option to store your username and password for each site, so once you sign in the first time to each site, it will be even faster the next time.

Surf using Firefox for at least an hour each day, alternating your folders each time, and you will begin to see the downlines building in the various exchanges. It’s not instant, or even overnight, but your downline WILL build over time, and your traffic flow will begin to grow by itself.

Once you have a really good traffic flow coming in via the traffic exchanges, you can begin to list your own domain in the traffic exchanges. This will eventually free up your time almost completely from surfing, giving you the opportunity to create fresh content for your website. Your site will begin to receive a steady and growing flow of traffic which will raise your ratings on the search engines, and the unique content that you are creating for your site will also help your ratings AND help you to be found through a wider variety of search terms.

Note!!  Do not put your main page in the traffic exchanges!  Create a fast loading, eye-catching “splash” page with a short message and  really clear call to action, that is, to click on the page to go to your sales page(s).  If you are unsure about what a splash page is, or how to create one, just do a Google search for splash page and you will find a wealth of information.

It takes time to use the traffic exchanges properly, but, just like any business online or off, you will never be successful unless you do the groundwork properly, diligently and patiently.   This is a time proven formula that I have used myself, very successfully, over the years.  Put it to work and it will work.  Stick to a daily  plan, and it will work very well! 

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9 thoughts on “How to Make Traffic Exchanges Work For You

  1. Hello Dave,

    thanks for the great summary. I’ve already recognized the facts you described above. First, I considered TE sites to L’art pour L’art communities where the members were changing their own, similar affiliate links within a particular circle. Then, I recognized the possibly power in it. You only fortified this feeling, so thanks again!

  2. This is a highly sensible revelation to me concerning the use of traffic exchanges. I’m going to start this strategy immediately. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information…

  3. Thank you Dave for this great guide to effective use of TEs. I have saved it to my favorites and will recommend it to all of my friends and followers. This blog post was the inspiration for my latest YouTube Video. I will try to add it to the SupperSurfingSecretLesson blog!

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  5. Hi Dave, I appreciated your article on use of traffic exchanges, particularly your point about not using one’s main site in these exchanges but use a splash page instead. Help me understand this…I understand that use of one’s main site in these TEs will hurt the site’s SEO rankings…but do I understand that you are saying that the use of a splash page with another domain name is a way to avoid hurting the rankings of one’s main site? Thanks for your comments.

    • Hi Rick,

      Yes, using a splash page helps protect your main page, but it also helps attract attention to your main page. It’s not so much to protect your main site’s SEO, but more to get noticed on the TEs. Most sites for selling or promoting a business or product take far too long to load to be used in a TE, and end up getting clicked away from before they are even seen.

  6. I start using just TE almost ten years ago I tested many times
    as clicking as much as ten TE at the same time almost all the day
    and I works.

    When my sales go down I used to invet some time in the morning on TE but not all TE are equals there are some who are the best I mean that works better than others.

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