Non-converting Traffic

Non-converting Traffic – like deer tracks to the hunter

by Dave Cottrell

Non-converting traffic is about as valuable as deer tracks are to a hungry hunter.

A hunter friend of mine once made the following observation:

non-converting traffic tastes like dirt

Deer tracks aren’t very filling and they taste like dirt.”

His point was that when you’re out hunting for deer, simply finding lots of tracks is no good. Unless you find a deer standing in them, you’re going to go home empty handed.

Visits to your ad or website (hits) on the internet is just like those deer tracks. Unless someone actually BUYS something from you, all those hits mean very little.

For example, I can literally show you how to get thousands and thousands of hits to your website, without you doing anything, real hits defined as when your website opens in a computer browser somewhere in the world, but without a single sale or even a click on one of your ads!

Don’t be fooled by those who try to sell you “Amazing NEW software” that will generate thousands and thousands of hits. Don’t get conned into spending big bucks on hits. These people are simply selling tracks that aren’t very filling and taste like dirt.

Every good hunter knows that what you need to do when you go out is not to spend all your time looking for tracks, but to spend your time looking for the creature MAKING the tracks!

That means you have to anticipate where it will be and be there to intercept it. You have to understand how it thinks, what it likes, what it needs, where it eats, where it sleeps, where it drinks, and be able to be there waiting for it.

Similarly, you need to know your target market when you are advertising, and you need to be there where your buyers are. You need real eyes on you ads looking for your product or service, or you will be doing little more than chasing tracks.

Remember, they aren’t very filling and they taste like dirt. What part of your “hunting” are you going to change, today? 

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