Ad Network Schemes

Ad Network Schemes – why Ad Networks don’t work

Ad network schemes are everywhere. While not necessarily illegal, how ethical are they? When something is advertised as being extremely cost-effective and effective as an advertising tool, should it not deliver?

What is an ad network? Simply put, it is a system, designed in much the same format as a network marketing program or worse, a pyramid scheme or ponzi. They are sketchy in their legality, sneaking under the radar mainly because they aren’t directly charging or promising money.Ad Network Scams pyramid scheme

The similarities are very strong in every other way. They promise that if you join their HUGE network, you will be able to advertise your wares, service or business opportunity to thousands upon thousands of people.

Paid Upgrades

They also offer paid upgrades, where you (supposedly) will get even more exposure for your ads, plus an opportunity to earn more money.

Wait… Earn? You thought it was just about advertising, right?

That should be a big warning signs. Another should be the fact that all the ads are being displayed to members of the network.

Whenever you come across a very splashy advertising system that promises to advertise to members, offering paid upgrades and earnings based on those paid upgrades, beware.

What you are really doing, as with any ponzi scheme, is building an advertising list for the network owner and the few who joined in early, usually friends of the owner. The majority of people who join any network or safelist are simply giving the owner permission to mail them over and over again.  Worse, it’s not to their network email, which they know is most often just a junk account that never gets visited except to empty it. Instead,  it’s to your main contact account, which you must give as a requirement for joining.

You will almost never have any success with ad networks. They are a scam, simply because they don’t work, but are advertised as being a highly effective way to advertise. The reality is, they are only effective for the owners.

If you want advertising that works, see if one of the resources we list will be a good fit for you.

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